Cape Cod Ballet Theatre for Children


“This perfect balance of discipline & fun is a powerful one for children & creates an extremely dynamic & productive classroom experience… girls blossom in her class… Her students thrive & grow in terms of strength, grace, & confidence.” Susan Riker (Sophia’s Mom)

 “This approach engenders a quiet confidence in the girls who are eager to push themselves to learn new skills... The girls emerge from class excited to show what they’ve accomplished… A parent can’t ask for anything more.” Courtney Froemming (Isabel’s Mom)

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Cape Cod Ballet Theatre
Cape Cod Ballet Theatre
Cape Cod Ballet Theatre
Cape Cod Ballet Theatre

“…was amazed by the expressive, ingenious methods in which she taught and encouraged. Every step, every movement is niftily explained so that her young students can easily relate and recall… they become skilled, disciplined, knowledgeable dancers.” Sheryl Kreischer (Hannah’s Mom)

 “Jackie seems to have an instinctive manner in her ability to spot what students need & gives them instruction & confidence to achieve their individual goals. Eleanor Clain-Stefanelli ( Elizabeth’s Mom)

“…rare gem of teachers… my daughter has developed a true love for dance & has achieved a skill level that is far beyond my expectation. Jackie has a unique talent for engaging children at all levels & fostering in them a love of dance, while at the same time, taking each student to the level she is capable of achieving. She has taught the girls the importance of consistent, careful, hard work… with persistent & patient encouragement, & attention to detail.” Mary Hills (Grace’s Mom)

 “…I am continually amazed by the amount of information “Miss Jackie” can impart in such a short period of time, to a class of girls that is not small… She has a gift for teaching that surpasses others. Testimony to this is the amazing progress my daughter Laura has made… I envy her future students. They will be lucky indeed to have her as their teacher.” Anne Jeliazkov (Laura’s Mom)

 “We joined her class & quickly discovered that she exceeded our expectations. Her careful teaching & perfect grace in modeling ballet to the girls, combined with her passion & fun, has given my girls not just a love of ballet but excellent form and foundation.” Rachel Laser (Mom of Emily and Nicole) 

“As an elementary school administrator, I recognize in her a talented educator who communicates marvelously well with children. Her instructional methods are exactly as they should be, & her gentle but firm discipline allows for an environment where the students can learn & are not distracted… older students are prepared with the knowledge & skills to ascend whatever heights their natural abilities will allow them to pursue.” Mary & Frank Moslander (Parents of Quinn & Delaney)

 “She is a nurturing & caring teacher who instills confidence in her students… provides excellent instruction, wonderful & caring support, & strong encouragement… talented, motivated, & dynamic…” Maureen Cook (Catherine’s Mom)

 “…Not only does she teach the students how to dance, she teaches persistence, determination, & personal achievement by her example, encouraging remarks, & attitude.” Diane Frommer (Kathleen & Molly’s Mom)

 “…one of those rare teachers who, as a parent, I feel incredibly fortunate to have had in my child’s life… manages to strike the right balance between being serious and having fun… teaches the girls to be proud of their accomplishments & that hard work is sometimes necessary to reach a goal…” Stephanie Bergman (Meredith’s Mom)


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